11.11.21: Pandemic Publishing II

Pandemic Publishing part II

 11 November 2021
19.00 – 21.00 at PrintRoom

An evening of talks and cocktails and more!

PrintRoom presents a second group of publications that were created by artists in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.   With the shock of the lockdowns slowly fading into the background it may seem we are getting ‘back to normal’, yet many of us still feel the after effects of the crisis on a daily basis, especially in the cultural sector. COVID-19 affected each of us in different ways. While many suffered from lack of income and isolation, some benefitted from an increase of time and a lack of distractions. For the first Pandemic Publishing event, PrintRoom presented two publications made by artists and writers in response to the pandemic. But there was so much to choose from, that one event was not enough! Pandemic Publishing II brings you another exciting and eclectic mix of publications to enjoy, and perhaps even help make sense of the strange times we are currently living through. 

Pandemic Publishing II presents

~Magiun #2 with Alice Strete (editor), Simon Browne (design) and Yoana Buzova (contributor)

~ Pandemie Magazine #6 with Manouk van Egmond (contributor), Tobias Lengkeek, Goed Folk, Malyssa ten Hove,  Rooz Boersma (editors) and Teuntje Fleur (editor and Riso chef at PrintRoom).

~ Quaranzine by Public Collectors (US)

~ Mail project: Quarantine in the Archive with Karolina Rupp, Kees van Leeuwen, Hannah Dawn Henderson, Eva Posas and the PrintRoom team
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Magiun Magazine #2:  On Adapting
The second issue of Magiun is about how we can change our relationship with food; using it as a coping mechanism, a way of learning or a creative way of moving forward. Magiun is a magazine about everyday food, created during the pandemic when food played an increasingly important role in our lives. It publishes stories, poems, essays, recipes, photos and illustrations. Contributors to issue 2: Yoana Buzova, Dorothy Cheung, Patricia Cirtog, Valentina Vella, Raluca Chereji, Witold van Ratingen, Inge Hoonte
co-published with PrintRoom, 2021 

Pandemie Magazine #6: Gezonde Spanning
Pandemie Magazine was set up in March 2020 by a group of friends in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Each edition is a document of the time in which it appeared, and the ultimate medicine against boredom and hopelessness. It is filled with art, puzzles, stories, games and illustrations. The magazine is self published and printed on a Riso.Artists were invited to create work for Pandemie Magazine in response to the title of issue 6: Gezonde spanning (roughly translating as ‘Healthy Tension’).Editors: Teuntje Fleur (our Riso chef at PrintRoom), Tobias Lengkeek, Goed Folk, Malyssa ten Hove en Rooz Boersma. Contributors to issue 6: Sanne Boekel, Koen Taselaar, Sim Kaart, Nick Doejaaren, Conform Cox, Manouk van Egmond, Onno Blase, Anne Stalinski, Bianca Boer en Luuk Kuipers 

QUARANZINE, by Public Collectors (US)A one-page zine published daily, starting on March 15, 2020 as a printed space for creative work produced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Public Collectors is a project by Marc Fischer, a long time PrintRoom collaborator and member of Temporary Services. We co-published What Problems Can Artist Publishers Solve in 2018 when Temporary Services was Publisher in Residence at PrintRoom. 

Quarantine in the Archive – PrintRoomFor this Pandemic edition of Holiday in the Archive, PrintRoom invited friends and colleagues to delve into our archive of artist publishing, exploring it through the lens of the pandemic. They drew on themes that have acquired a particular urgency during this time: Self-reliance, Health, Equality, Care, Isolation, Love, Community, Solidarity, Family. For Pandemic Publishing II, the selected publications and cards will be on display. Holiday in the Archive/Quarantine in the Archive is an ongoing project by PrintRoom that aims to activate and cross-pollinate the archives of like-minded institutions. Contributors to this edition: Karolina Rupp, Kees van Leeuwen, Hannah Dawn Henderson, Eva Posas and the PrintRoom team.

Please send us an email with your postal-address if you’d like to receive a printed surprise from our archive! 

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