03.07.21: Launch of “Plasma Freeze: Salon at the Centre of the Earth”, the third comic by Josie Perry and Daphne Simons 👅 👀   & 🐩✨

In this episode, the infamous Pauline takes a psychedelic escape from her life as a Tudor foot-stylist in the 1500’s, hiding out amongst a secret subterranean poodle community and organising the party of the millenia. 

Saturday 3 July from 1 – 5 pm at PrintRoom
We celebrate this new publication with a video screening, snacks and drinks and – poodle badges!

Previous editions from the series are Plasma Spring (2019), and PLASMA FREEZE: Making Friends (2020). Perry and Simons currently have a video installation based on the comics within “Material Context,” the Piet Zwart Institute MFA Graduation Exhibition, open from July 1st – 11th at Het Archief, Rotterdam.

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