Saturday December 18th 2010, 16.00 – 18.00 David Maroto, Antje Peters and Oliver Helfrich

David Maroto’s leporellos are books that contain narrative sequences of images that unfold over several meters. They come accompanied by a sound track in an mp3 player with headphones. Unlike video and film, where pictures “move” while the spectator’s body remains still, in David Maroto’s narrative installations and leporellos the pictures are printed and still, while the spectator is compelled to move his body in the space in order to introduce time within the visual material and, in so doing, activate its narrative elements. Also, unlike video and film, the soundtrack is not synchronized beforehand; it is up to the spectator to relate sound and images. This narrative system, according to the author, gives more room to spectator’s interpretation.

Graphic Designer Oliver Helfrich and Photographer Antje Peters have teamed up for an ambitious project: a series of publications called ‘The Books of’. ‘The Books of’ series explores the creative potential and intrinsic qualities of seemingly ‘everyday’ materials such as paper, wood, glass or stone. The first in this new series of publications is ‘The Book of Paper’, published by Post Editions.
From tissues and take away coffee cups to milk cartons, paper plays an integral role in our day-to-day lives and yet we often take it for granted.
Through a series of sculptures ‘The Book of Paper’ elevates the aesthetic value of this most ubiquitous of materials. The publication also features a series of essays written by artists, architects and scientists, all of whom have unique approaches to paper – from adopting origami to fold space telescopes to creating earthquake-resistant cardboard architecture or using paper as a therapeutic tool.

Also on display; Artist-book ‘Ads’ by Antje Peters, which was self-published on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Behind the Billboard’ at MK Galerie, Berlin last November.

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