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15 03 20 (2020)
Notes on Hapticity Collective
Publisher: PrintRoom

15 03 20 is the first publication of Notes on Hapticity Collective, published in October 2020 by PrintRoom. This limited edition is created in response to the limitations that the lockdown period placed on the collective’s activities. The riso-printed booklet reflects on the notion of the ‘haptic encounter’ — the permeative force of touch, as much physically as poetically — a subject that is both extremely relevant yet ever more alien. The booklets contents were developed whilst each contributors were experiencing the first ‘lockdown’ period in different countries — The Netherlands, France, Germany, Greece and the UK.
With contributions by: Hannah Dawn Henderson, Elena Kostenko-Lefebvre, Kees van Leeuwen, Grigoris Rizakis, Karolina Rupp, Tomasz Skibicki, Yindi Chen and Alexandre Richardeau
Designed by Hannah Dawn Henderson and Cengiz Mengüç, and each of the 200 copies were assembled, hand-cut and stapled by Hannah Dawn, Karolina and Jip Piet over two afternoons in Rotterdam.
15 03 20 was published parallel to the exhibition Towards a Foreword at PrintRoom’s temporary space at Rijnhoutplein, across Leeszaal and presented in October 2020.

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